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Layla is creating: music, art, and a creative way of life

Layla is creating: music, art, and a creative way of life

“Every child is an artist. Perhaps the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” --- Pablo Picasso

That about sums it up. Welcome to my artistic quest.

These are strange days indeed, but the silver lining for me has been the abundance of our most valuable creative resource: time. In these months of solitude and reflection, I've been writing songs with the unbridled excitement of a 6-year-old in a waterpark (remember the days?), wide-eyed with wonder. I've hit a creative stride and am finally able to engage with my art and music in the way that I always wanted to. In the words of Freddie Mercury, "don't stop me now!"

So how does an independent artist make money off of her music? 

The answer: artistic patronage

This isn't a new concept; patrons of the arts have been around for centuries. Michelangelo had patronage from Pope Leo X.  Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven relied on royalty and wealthy patrons to sustain their creative existence. DaVinci. Shakespeare. They all had patrons backing their creative endeavors with the understanding that the artist would deliver quality work.

I believe the patron-artist relationship is more than just an exchange of services, it’s a unique relationship built on trust, love, support, and the common goal of creating something together. You love my music and support my artistry, I trust your support and give you open, vulnerable, authentic art. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

What do patrons get?
The insider experience. The fly-on-the-wall view of my creative process. An invitation to join my inner circle of friends and confidants, otherwise known as my “Fox Fam.” I want to be able to share with my patrons the raw diamonds of a song without the polish because there's a kind of wonder in experiencing a song in its purest form. No duds, I promise.

Some examples of membership exclusive content:
* Uncut songs from the vault
* New exclusive songs that are “fresh out of the oven”
* Videos of covers, new songs, and my creative process
* Exclusive concert live streams
* Specially crafted playlists made with love from Lay
* Singing and songwriting tutorials for anyone interested in learning more about the craft
* Handwritten postcards "from the moon" and beyond
* Poems, lyrics, songs for a rainy day…

The options are endless. Let's see where creativity takes us!

With love and gratitude,