I tried imagining what life would be like not to be a songwriter but that’s just who I am.”

Praise for "Tame the Fox"

Debeut EP by layla frankel

"A fabulous and quite unique collection of songs, where melodic and high quality music is delivered with such beauty." - Beehive Candy

"Frankel’s voice is strong right out of the gate... it's blue-eyed soul w/ jazzy guitar lines recalling Dusty Springfield circa Dusty in Memphis." - Radio One Chicago

"...spirited folk-rock with tight harmonies, catchy songs, understated instrumentals and loads of Frankel's wonderfully expressive voice. With leanings from blues to jazz, this EP is a singular showcase of the artist's writing and vocal chops, with all else placed to enhance appearance like a chef plates an entree. Evocative, intimate and thoroughly enjoyable..." - Floorshime Zipper Boots

"Blurring and overlapping genre lines with forays into acoustic folk, jazz, R&B, blues and soul...The EP is in some ways a musical extravaganza." - Max Hammer - Indie Rock Cafe


“Sometimes I’ll make a decision and I won’t know why at the time, but then a song comes out of it. I tried imagining what life would be like not to be a songwriter but that’s just who I am,” says "Soulcana” artist, Layla Frankel. A strong young woman with decades of experience, Layla began performing at the age of three alongside her father, children's songwriter, Joel Frankel. She later moved on to front big bands and jazz combos singing from the Great American Songbook, “While I adore the Jazz greats such as Ella Fitzgerald and Carmen McRae, I needed to write my own songs for my own voice. What felt most comfortable was in the Americana, Blues, and Soul genres. I get the most satisfaction from having a song come to me and shaping and nurturing it until it feels just right.” Soulful and dynamic, Layla strives to creates genre-crossing pop songs, each with their own stylistic flavor and captivating vocals at the forefront. Her 2017 EP, "Tame the Fox" is available everywhere.

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