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I believe in music as a way of life; it's a form of expression and an escape during life's challenges. Everyone has a voice – a great teacher guides students on the path to finding it.”


"Layla is a great voice teacher! She has a depth of knowledge that allows her to find just the right way to explain technique in a way that is clear and effective. She helped me conquer my very rough transition from head to chest voice in just one lesson. I highly recommend her!"   ~Joanna M. 

"I’ve been a performer for most of my life, but for whatever reason, singing has been an area of insecurity. Layla is patient, knowledgeable, and fun. She met me where I’m at and helped me find my vocal range. She created a safe space to explore my voice. She has already instilled so much confidence in me after just a few lessons. I’m excited for the journey and to continue the work! Whether you’re already a strong singer and want to brush up on technique, or you’ve never taken voice lessons in you’re life and aren’t sure where to begin, I strongly recommend lessons with Layla." ~Kristen S.

"When I booked a vocal lesson, I had never had professional voice training before but knew I needed to work up my chops to be the best frontman I could be for my rock band. That is exactly what Layla helped me achieve. Working with Layla was such an amazing, fun, and comfortable experience. She showed me the proper ways to exercise my voice and the many ways to keep it in top performance shape. I look forward to returning for more training/ becoming a better vocalist with her help!" ~William J.

Why lessons? Why Layla?

My name is Layla and I am a performer, vocalist, songwriter, and teacher.  I have a background in a variety of styles including jazz, pop, soul, musical theater, indie rock, folk, and gospel.  As a teacher, my primary focus is to help students discover new sounds and sensations in their voices and become excited about using their instruments in a healthy way. I am passionate about helping students develop a deeper understanding of singing, knowledge of music, and awareness of their own authentic voice and self.

These are strange days and especially so when it comes to music; choirs can no longer rehearse, bands can no longer play to packed rooms, and living room jams have turned into virtual video montages with separately recorded parts. Our ways of musical engagement have indeed shifted, but they have not disappeared.  At this moment in time, I believe we’ve been given a unique opportunity to focus on self-care, nurturing, and growth. Especially when it comes to the voice. Whether you are a hobbyist looking to learn more about technique and vocal control, a professional performer looking to increase vocal stamina and range, a teacher in need of some tips and tricks for long days of lessons, or just a music lover wanting to learn more about your own built-in instrument, now is a perfect time to reconnect with your voice and, in doing so, discover a new part of yourself.   


My story

As the daughter of a musician, I have been a performer my whole life and began vocal training at a young age. For years I sang in choirs, fronted bands, and lived an active musical life, but in 2015 I had a wake-up call that shifted my perspective on my relationship with my voice. At the time, I was teaching back-to-back music classes, had a busy live performance schedule, frequent rehearsals, and active social life.  I was feeling vocally invincible, but when I started losing my upper-most range I knew something was not right. I was diagnosed with vocal nodules due primarily to overuse and unhealthy life practices.  After 2 months of therapy and vocal rest, I came out of the experience with fresh eyes, a newly refined skill set, and a newfound love and appreciation for my instrument.  

In the aftermath of my "vocal awakening," as I call it, I have worked diligently and passionately to develop an in-depth understanding of the physical, mental and emotional demands on vocalists. My goal as an educator is to impart this knowledge to my students in order to gain higher levels of mastery of their instruments. Through customized practice regimes,  I work with each student individually to help develop technique, vocal control, artistry, performance skills, and ultimately, to reach their desired goals.  


Broken guitar strings can be replaced, old pianos tuned, and worn-out instruments traded in for new ones, but you only get one voice. I work with students who want to learn healthy vocal practices so that they can keep their instruments in top shape for years to come. For this reason, I encourage students to commit to several lessons from the start, as the process of learning and strengthening your voice cannot be discovered in just one lesson. The art of (proper) singing takes dedication and commitment but a good teacher can help make the work feel enjoyable and exciting. And at the end of the day, that's what making music is all about.

Through lessons you will learn:

* Pitch accuracy 

* Range development 

* Tension-free singing and vocal health 

* Flexibility traveling in and out of registers (conquer the break!) 

* Tonal enrichment, proper placement, and resonance 

* Breath support & muscle control 

* Stylistic development 

* How to harmonize (depending on student’s goals) 

* Improvisation and repertoire advancement (depending on student's goals) 

* Songwriting (depending on student’s goals) 

* The art of expressive live performance  


I am currently accepting new clients for virtual lessons AND in-person lessons in my home studio in Nashville, on a case-by-case basis. 

Preference for ages 10+    

Message for questions or to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation. 




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