1. Alamosa

From the recording Tame The Fox


Hitch a ride to anywhere you hear the freight train.
Put your brights on ‘cause the road’s dark ahead.
Can never quite remember how this trip began,
all the miles are getting to my head.

Met a mighty dog wandering down the freeway,
said he’d go just about anywhere I went.
And in this town they all call him “The Mayor,”
with the places he’s been, he could run for president.

All along the road to Alamosa,
Can’t you hear the stars against the wind?
Every step we take’s a little closer
to turning round and going on home again,
turning round and going on home again

Sitting in a parked car with an old friend by my side,
I said, “Don’t you feel the distance when it rains?”
She said “After awhile the feelings get lost along the ride,
all I feel’s the dust in my veins.”


Going where the people grow sweeter in the soil,
Where the mountains run against the clouds.
And if I ever get to sleep tonight I’ll make my mind complete,
In a place where thoughts can speak out loud.